Scrolling through my Facebook news feed last night, I came across an event being planned for July, 13 on the Amarillo Barrio Neighborhood Plan Facebook page. One of the names used for the event was "Barrio Bash."

There will be free dog and cat microchipping that day from 9am - 4pm. At 4pm, the Barrio Bash kicks off. They're promising fun for the whole family with food, music, and exhibitors.

There is also going to be a "Barrio Historical Hunt" that will kick off at the BNPC booth that afternoon.

According to the Facebook page, the Barrio Neighborhood Plan is part of the city wide "neighborhood plans" to help give attention to areas in the city that traditionally don't get the attention they deserve when it comes to development.

According to their about section, the Barrio neighborhood presented a unique challenge in that there wasn't a lot of vacant space to develop. The plan instead was to restore the existing buildings and properties.

As you look through the Barrio Neighborhood Plan Facebook page, you can see all of the upcoming plans for the neighborhood, plus meeting times so you can stay in the know.

Future plans under the "neighborhood plans" include San Jac and Eastridge.

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