We love the story of Texas, and we love the story of the Alamo.  Great Texas history.  Now we can "Remember the Alamo," with music and dance.

The story of the Alamo is coming to the Globe News Center for the Performing Arts.

Remember the Alamo will be in Amarillo for one night only.

The show will take place on Wednesday night, March 2nd.

You'll get to experience the story of the Alamo, with actors, singers, and dance.  It's the story of the Alamo like you have never seen it before.  It will follow 10 true heroes of the Alamo battle.  History will come to life in front of your eyes.

The Lonestar Ballet and Window on a Wider World are teaming up to bring this fascinating production back to Amarillo.  Remember the Alamo was in Amarillo in 2019, and is back giving you another chance to see this amazing performance.

What is Window on a Wider World?

The Mission of WOWW according to their website is:

Window On a Wider World is dedicated to enriching the education of Texas Panhandle students through arts, science and cultural experiences.

If you have kids that don't like history, here's a great way to teach them about our great Texas history, through music and dance.   Even if your kids love history, they will really love this take on the Alamo.  Adults will love it just as much.  I think this is a perfect way to enjoy learning or re-learning about the Alamo.

Don't miss your chance to see this amazing performance.  Mark your calendars.

Wednesday, March 2nd, 7:30pm at the Globe News Center for the Performing Arts.

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