Toot'n Totum has been a staple in Amarillo for decades.  It's the prime convenience store for our city.  Now it's moving south.

They even opened up their first truck stop here in Amarillo.  They have slowly opened up stores in the surrounding areas like Canyon, Borger, Pampa, Dumas.  They even have one in Clayton, NM, Boise City, OK and even some in Kansas.  It makes sense that they would start moving south down I-27.

Lubbock is getting their very own Toot'n Totum(s).  In fact, by the time it's all said and done, they may have one on every corner, just like we do in Amarillo.

According to the Toot'n Totum website:

NEXT STOP: Lubbock.

Our sites are set and we're ready to roll into the biggest city in West Texas. Check back for details on locations and progress. We'll be just around the corner before you know it!

There you have it, Toot'n Totum is moving into Lubbock.  Toot'n Totum does have some really great things to offer in their store.  I really enjoy their breakfast burritos when I'm in a hurry.   They usually hire amazing staff, who are friendly and helpful.   They have a great selection of soft drinks, and have my favorite watermelon tea when it's in season.  I think this will be a great thing for Lubbock.

Does this mean, that Amarillo is slowly taking over Lubbock. Bwahahahahah!!!

First Lubbock, then the world, and maybe one day...

The Moon!

Hmmm...I wonder if we should share some of our Toot'n Totum nicknames with them, or let the people of Lubbock figure them out or come up with their own.

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