Living in Amarillo was the first time I had experienced a situation where the city picks up and hauls away your trash. To add to that, I had never seen a scenario where their is public dumpsters all over the city. Growing up, I lived in a rural area where we had to tote a large trash bin to the end of our driveway and it was picked up once a week. Later in life I lived in areas that had mini-landfills, they were called convenience sites, where you could take your trash and dump it. It was basically a parking lot with dumpsters.

The City of Amarillo is now pondering about changing the way they do our trash service. According to a press release, the city would collect trash from carts that the customer would roll to the curb rather than the dumpster service. Sounds familiar to me. If this change takes affect, it is estimated to affect about 16,000 Amarillo residents.

Officials say that the change in service would save the city money and make for cleaner alleyways. There will be 2 comment meetings for the public:

  • 5:30pm, Thursday, 1/4 at the Downtown Public Library at 413 East 4th.
  • 5:30pm, Monday, 1/8 at the Southwest Public Library at 6801 West 45th.

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