Be honest with yourself. You've always wanted to know if you could outrun a cop in your car.

You see those flashing lights behind you, and for maybe a split second, you think about stepping on the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal.

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However, you know if you do this, whatever it is you WERE getting pulled over for is going from a likely ticket to likely jail time.

Well here's your opportunity to go head to head with a police officer...and not get a ticket for doing so.

July 23rd at Amarillo Dragway, it's the Race-A-Cop event, and it promises to be glorious.

Whether you're a local racer with a modified car or a regular person like me rolling around in a stock Honda Accord, you'll get to step on the gas and punch your car to its limits.

So what exactly are the police gonna be racing against you? I mean, they're bound to take cars from impound that look like they came out of the Fast & Furious movies to stack up against you right?

Wrong. They're going up against you in their very own patrol cars that they roam the streets of Amarillo in. No fancy get-up or anything like that, just their normal patrol car.

Now don't get it twisted, those things have some juice to them. I mean, they need to be able to get moving at a high rate of speed, and do it fast. At least now you'll find out if your ride is quick enough to get away (but we aren't encouraging you to run from the police outside of here).

If you want more info on how you can participate, click here. Tickets to come out to the event are free. You just have to find an officer to "write you a ticket" for it the next time you see one.

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