Remodels are always exciting and I'll admit I have my concerns about what they are doing to the Whataburger on Coulter and 34th. At this poing I'm just more excited to know that my Double with Bacon will be back and I won't have to venture too far out of my neck of town to get it. And I finally have a date to share with you.

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Because I had to satisfy that itch, and because I owed my digital editor lunch (for reasons I can't even remember anymore, who cares it's Whataburger time!) we headed out to the Georgia Street location which on the outside is very similar to the Coulter Street location but the inside is newly remodeled and nice and not too out of hand. Honestly, If this is what's coming, my mind is at ease and it made my eating experience pure Whataburger bliss.

The District Boss Was On Site


You can almost always tell when someone high up the chain is visiting a restaurant. The floor is a little cleaner, the manager is out chatting with visitors and there just seems to be more commotion in the kitchen than usual. The dead giveaway is they are more by the book.

Sure enough while I was biting into mine, the big boss popped out of the kitchen area and started greeting customers. Naturally my burger was just how I liked it so, I gave him the thumbs up but then the big question:

When is Coulter opening back up?

To my delight, June 15th, the drive thru will be slingin' them Whataburgers again with the newly remodeled inside to follow two weeks after. Mark your calendars!

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