When you get a craving for something you want what you want.

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You hop in your car and drive to the place that has the food you've been craving, only to find out when you get there that it's closed.

It's normal business hours, why would it be closed?

You walk up to the door and you see the sign.  You scream at the sky with fists up in the air,


That's what happened to lots of people who have tried to go to the Whataburger on Hollywood Road recently.

Photo Courtesy - Kelsea Hoffman-Potts
Photo Courtesy - Kelsea Hoffman-Potts

The restaurant is closed.   It even says they are temporarily closed on their website.


They can't be closed!

This might wreak havoc during lunchtime for all the Randall High students coming to grab lunch.  Whataburger is close to the school, and now they have to choose another restaurant.


However, when you want a Whatachicken, you want a Whatachicken.

For those students, they don't have time to drive up to 45th and Western, grab their Whataburger, and get back to class.

For a lot of us, we wouldn't want to drive an extra 10 minutes to find another Whataburger.

The Bad News

They are closed.

The Good News:

They won't be closed for long.

We reached out to the Whataburger corporate offices to find out what is going on with the Whataburger on Hollywood Road or store #758.

The location will be closed for 10 days. Whataburger will be upgrading the Lobby, Restrooms, and a portion of the kitchen.

Ten days isn't a long time to wait.  At least it isn't 6 months!

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