We have ghost towns. We have towns under lakes. However, there is one "town" in the Texas panhandle that stands out from the rest.

Do you know about the Texas panhandle's Buried City?

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Buffalo Hunters, Ranchers, And An Ancient Culture

In the 1800s, the Texas panhandle was full of ranchers and buffalo hunters. Those in the area around Perryton knew of something incredibly unique.

Not far from where Perryton is now, there is an ancient site called the Buried City.


You can find it on Wolf Creek. It's roughly eighteen miles southeast of Perryton.

How Do You Find A Buried City?

Technically, most of it wasn't so...buried. That's how the buffalo hunters and ranchers knew about it. Ruins were visible above ground.

It wasn't until 1907 that the first scientific excavation of the Buried City would take place.

The excavation was done by T.L. Everly, who was a teacher at Canadian Academy. Yes, there was an academy in Canadian at one point in time. No, it didn't last long.

Everly taught science and history at the academy, and took along a team of students to go check out the ruins.

What Do We Know About The Buried City?

Over the years there have been several more excavations done, and what they've found are several dwellings. They've also found several tools and other items used by those who inhabited the Buried City.

As of today, the general thought is that the people who inhabited the ruins were completely distinct from others we know that inhabited the area. That means the people who lived in the Buried City had a culture completely separate from the others we know about.


Also, it's not necessarily one town, village, or city. In fact, it's several. One thought is that the inhabitants would stay in an area until a resource was used up, then they'd move to the next place.

There is a historical marker on Lake Fryer Road to mark the area and tell a little bit of its history.

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