Have you ever used Google Earth to just take a look around Amarillo? You will be surprised just how much weird stuff you can find by looking down on our city. Thanks to Reddit user FragHawk for sharing their recent adventures looking at Amarillo's Thompson Park from space. They posted what looks to be a perfect, concrete circle within the park, not far from US 87 / 287 and Wonderland Park.

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

As you can see, the circle is not hidden, but since it is flat on the ground it is not very noticable. Their is a parking lot right next to it which adds to the speculation of what this site is or once was. Other Reddit users who commented on the post say it was once used as a remote controlled car track or used for fly by wire controlled toy planes. They also commented that it appears the circle has been partially destryoed, however you can still find evidence of it.

So what is that circle? Do you know? We would love to hear from you have used it before or happen to have pictures of it before it was busted up. Just email braden.smith@townsquaremedia.com and we will add anymore information here as we get it.

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