Christmas came and went. Did you get to enjoy time with your family? I did! I got to spend it with my daughter.

Here is really what my Christmas was like. Take me back to the fall of 2017. I was at work at Happy State Bank when one of my bosses needed a car to go to his chiropractor. He was going to borrow our Marketing Director's vehicle but she got called out on an emergency.

So what was I to do? I could drive him....but that would take me away from my job for a bit too long. I could have just let him miss his appointment. He was in pain and I wouldn't do that. So I gave him the keys to my new car.

After he was leaving his appointment he called me to tell me that my steering wheel was locked up. Has this happened before? Nope! I was at a loss to what the problem was. I told him we would come and help him get it fixed. He said he would mess with it and figure it out. He just wanted me to know something might be wrong with my car.

Well he got back and gave me back my keys. We talked more about how weird it was. That never happened. That evening as me and a couple of my co-workers were leaving we figured out what happened to my car.

Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM


We noticed the damage to the tire. Oh but that was not it! We saw this too!

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Yep, he hit something in my car. That explains why my steering wheel locked up that one time and hasn't before or since. He broke my car.

Now mind you I know he had no idea he did this damage to my car. If he had I know he would have told me and helped me fix it. I also felt like I was in an uncomfortable situation. I mean I didn't feel like I could tell my boss that he broke my car. So I didn't.

Here I am with a broken car for over a year. I really couldn't drive with it anymore because as you drive in Amarillo, with the wind, it made the damage even worse. So I broke down and went to get an estimate from the guys at Jimmy Fincher's.

I needed to replace the front bumper, the side piece and of course match the paint and everything. When it was all said and done I was out a bit over $2,300. Am I mad? Bitter? Or anything like that? No! I have had many blessings the past few years that this one setback is just that. One setback.

I got to borrow a Happy State Bank Bug for the past week or so. So I wasn't out for a rental car. I also was not out any gas money. So I was just out the cost to fix it. In the grand scheme of know what? It could have been much worse.

So for Christmas I got to get my car fixed and for that I am grateful!