Just like you tidy up your home during "spring cleaning," I have found that doing the same to my social media accounts is something incredibly helpful.

The Pew Research Center has done a pretty big study on how all of this stuff stresses us out, and how it affects us.

Get rid of the clutter in your news feed. For me personally, I noticed my stress levels have gone down since I started doing this. The more pointless negativity I get rid of, the better I feel.

I love Steve's work. He's a very funny guy. I am still kicking myself for not seeing that tweet and responding to set something up. Hopefully I can set something up next time he's in the neighborhood.

I didn't miss it because I'm important and have a huge backlog of messages and tweets to get to. I missed it because I'm a lazy slob who doesn't check this stuff.

So I went into the accounts I followed and started rapid fire unfollowing stuff.

Then I moved on to Facebook. I started unfollowing groups that don't ever post anything I enjoy seeing. Same goes for people.

My news feeds now consist of a few people, some news sources, and a few pages devoted to things I'm actively interested in and want to keep up with.

No more drama, and a little less stress.

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