It's that time of year again.  The time for catfish.  Catfish season is upon us and it's time to break out the fishing poles and tackle.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is getting ready to stock 18 lakes around Texas with catfish.  That's right, catfish big enough to catch, fry and eat.

Are you ready to go fishing?  On of Amarillo's popular fishing holes is about to be stocked.   If you love to fish at Medi-Park, then get ready to catch some catfish.

They will begin to stock the lake between April 17th - April 20th.  Then they will stock the channel catfish every few weeks.  They will stock through November.

“A recent study in Texas shows that children like nature and overwhelmingly prefer to play outside compared to inside,” said Jennifer Bristol, Texas Children in Nature Coordinator. “The kids interviewed in the Nature of Americans study said they felt happier when they are outside and feel more connected with friends and family. Taking your family fishing at a Neighborhood Fishin’ lake is an easy and fun way to get kids exploring in nature and to make memories with family and friends.”

Grab the entire family and head over to Medical Center South, 1100 Streit Dr., and get to fishing.

Kids under 17 can fish for free without a license, all adults over 17 must obtain a valid fishing license.  You can get a one-day pass for $11 or you can purchase a seasonal license.  You can obtain a license at your favorite sporting goods store or Walmart or you can get a license online here.

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