An important lesson in life that I learned was how to fish. It taught me a few things. You know the important things in life like how to provide food when needed. How to be patient. I mean it does take awhile. Knowing how to hook a worm and even clean a fish is important too.

Even though I haven't had a change to go fishing in years I still miss those times. Time spent with the family doing all the above. Kids these days need to break away from the gaming systems, the phones, the iPads and just get outside.

Luckily there are still fun events that can bring the kiddos back to these fun and simpler times. Amarillo Parks & Recreation makes this a reality. They will be hosting another Hooked on Fishing event this Saturday. Bring the kiddos out to Medi Park from 8am until 10:30am to learn the basics of fishing.

Kids from the ages of five through fifteen will learn so much that morning. They will learn the importance of baiting. They will learn to cast and hook a fish. Not only will you learn the basics of fishing but you will be able to put those skills to the test.

They will give the kids an opportunity to try their hand at fishing in the water there at Medi Park. Even though this is a free event everyone still needs to register HERE.

Spend this Saturday morning with the experts as they teach the kiddos the importance and the skill needed to fish.

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