Earlier today on the Amarillo Pro Baseball Facebook page they announced the new team name as The Sod Poodles.

I can't express how down I am with this name. Honestly, when it comes to mascots you either have to be something legit or something ridiculous, but if you can find the sweet spot in the middle where you can do both... it is gold.

Earlier this year when the team names were introduced to the public for voting, The Sod Poodles were undeniably the most talked about name. Amarilloians started making signs, t-shirts, the whole 9 yards. It was a great marketing tool for the City. It got people talking about the team and the stadium. Even people who don't care about baseball were talking about the Sod Poodles

I look forward to spending warm Summer days drinking beer and eating a hotdog cheering on the Sod Poodles in our awesome new stadium.

I truly believe the future is bright for Amarillo. Thank you city officials for everything you do!

#GoSoddies #GoAmarillo

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