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I've been sitting on my thoughts about Amarillo ISD's Props for the last few days.

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Is it surprising that the Propositions failed?

Let's take a look at what AISD was asking for from the property owners and citizens of Amarillo.

Proposition A: was $180 million for school upgrades and a whole new building for Austin Middle School.

I'll be honest with you, I did vote for Prop A. Why?   There is a need for a new building for Austin Middle School.  Since this didn't pass, what will happen with this school?  Will they try to fix the current issues, or will they shut the school down and move all the kids to nearby middle schools.

My other question is how and why Austin Middle School is so bad they have to close off part of the building.   I realize it is old, but at the same time.

Now I'll be the first to admit, that I'm one of those who doesn't exactly know how all this school tax money works and where it goes, but surely some of that money that went into the new fancy building on Plains Blvd could have gone to update Austin Middle School. I probably should know this as a taxpayer, but most people don't. I'm more than willing to listen and discuss if you have the answers.

Let's look at the rest of the propositions

Proposition B - $19 million for Dick Bivins Stadium renovations

Proposition C - $38.3 million for property and new aquatic center

Proposition D - $48 million for 4 school multi-purpose activity centers

I personally see the need for these things, but at this time, taxpayers are tapped.   Most of us are worried that we won't be able to make our house payments if our taxes and insurance keep rising.

It is possible that some of these propositions might have passed if we weren't recovering from a pandemic.  Plus, when most of us received our house appraisals from PRAD, we all cringed as we saw our appraisals go up by $30,000 and more.

I realize that taxes are a necessary evil, but this would have caused my taxes to raise over $170.  At some point, I'm going to be taxed out of my home.  I'm sure I'm not the only person feeling this way.

I do know that these other things would be nice to have at our schools, but I truly believe that we can wait a few years, and let the economy level out.   I know as property owners our taxes help our schools, but how much is too much.

One more thing before I end, what is up Amarillo.  We only saw about 11,000 voters get out and vote.

When I went to vote on Saturday, those poor polling volunteers were so bored.  I asked how the turnout was and there told me it was bad.  No one is coming out to vote.  Only 11,000 people out of a city of nearly 200,000.  Amarillo we can do better.

If you want to see the change you have to be willing to take a few minutes and voice your opinion through your vote.  Your local elections are extremely important.

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