Hunger is an issue that affects everyone.  You, yourself might not be hungry, but you probably know someone who has been faced with not knowing when and where they will get their next meal.

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We are blessed in Amarillo to have an organization like the High Plains Food Bank. The HPFB distributes food to the top 29 counties in the Texas Panhandle.

September marks the start of Hunger Action Month and the HPFB is joining Feeding America to help the fight against hunger.  They want you to join in the fight.

Have you ever had to make the decision to put food on the table or pay for electricity?  Buy food or pay for a life-saving prescription.  How about feeding your family or paying for gas to get to and from work? Hundreds of people across the Texas Panhandle and millions across the country have the make these decisions.

“Many people may not give a daily meal much thought. For people facing hunger, a daily meal is not as simple,” said Claire Babineaux-Fontenot, CEO of Feeding America. “. Instead, it becomes a different type of choice - an impossible decision between food or other crucial needs, such as electricity, childcare, or medicine. Nobody should be forced to make a choice to go hungry. With the public’s support, we can come together to help increase food access for all people, so they no longer have to make such tough decisions.”

Here's how you can help the HPFB in September.

  • Join in the fight by wearing orange on Hunger Action Day on September 23rd to show support and posting pictures on your social media and by tagging @HighPlainsFoodBank and using #WeFeedTXPH, #HungerAction Month, and #HungerActionDay.
  • Encourage your bosses to go orange or if you own a business go orange for Hunger Action Month.   If you can switch out your business lights with orange lights do so and support the HPFB.
  • Visit Whataburger before September 19th and donate $1 to the High Plains Food Bank and you'll get a free Whataburger (with the purchase of a med. fry and 32-oz drink.
  • Volunteer at the HPFB in the warehouse or in the Garden.
  • Donate to the HPFB online.

Every dollar donated can be turned into 14 meals.  It's almost like magic!

“We are continually seeing individuals and families that cannot afford to keep with rising costs and to place food on the table,” said Zack Wilson, Executive Director of the High Plains Food Bank. “One in seven individuals are experiencing hardship each day and the continued support through Hunger Action Month is vital in reaching people across the Texas Panhandle.”

By participating locally you are helping out your favorite Texas Panhandle brother or sister.

We end hunger by joining together in the fight.  No one should go hungry and no one should have to make the decision between food and electricity, gas, or prescriptions.  It's time to end hunger.

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