Of course we are inching closer and closer to cold and flu season. Are you one of those that seems to get sick every single year?

Do you just think if I grab some hand sanitizer and rub that on my hands you will be safe? That is sure to fight all the germs. Right? Well there is some good news and bad news about that. So which do you want first?

If you said you wanted the good news. Well yes a study did find that hand sanitizer will help you protect yourself against all of those germs. So what could possibly be the bad news here?

Well this same study found that you would have to actually rub your hands together for 4 whole minutes to completely kill off all those yucky germs. Are you doing that? If you just squirt some on your hands and rub them for a few seconds as you are running to your next meeting, you are not protecting yourself at all.

So there has to be a better option. Right? This same study figured out that if you head to the sink with antibacterial soap and wash your hands, that is your better option. It only takes a sink, antibacterial soap and hot water for 30 seconds to kill those germs.

So which seems like a better option for you? Do you really have the 4 minutes to stand there with hand sanitizer. I mean if you do....go for it. I will opt for the antibacterial soap and water and go on about my day.


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