We live in Amarillo and since it is Amarillo, most of us don't see this town as extremely dangerous.  However, something happens and we are brought back into reality and realize that even Amarillo isn't safe from crime and danger.

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An Amarillo woman by the name of Kristen Curtiss took to Facebook to share an incident that happened to her out of the blue, and it was a scary experience.

When I got home I received an alert on my phone stating an AirTag had been detected near me and was tracking me, I was able to pull up the map of the location and it showed everywhere I had just went after getting home.

I called my brother to find out what he thought, but then immediately called the police. They [Potter County Sheriffs] came to look around my car and in my car and after 15 minutes of looking, I noticed I was able to click on the tag and it would ping it and it beeped.  It took 30 minutes after that to actually locate it.

Photo Courtesy: Kristen Curtiss
Photo Courtesy: Kristen Curtiss

Which for the “person” that put it there was able to stick their hand down and drop it that quick, but it fell after driving around today, and had to take the tire off and the fender to get it out!

This could happen anywhere and yet it happened in Amarillo.  We reached out to Potter County Sheriffs to confirm, and they did confirm that a report was made but could not make any further comment because the case was still under investigation.  However, what we know is that someone attached an AirTag to her car.

In case you were wondering what an Apple AirTag looks like, this is it:


These tags can be purchased through Apple, Best Buy, Amazon, etc. They run about $29 per tag and anyone can buy them, and as long as they have an iPhone or Apple product, that person can track that tag.

If someone is trying to keep tabs on you all they have to do is put or drop an AirTag on your car and you can be tracked anywhere.  It's happening more and more every day. One of our contributor's daughters, had this happen to her, and you can read about that story here. Although her story didn't happen in Amarillo, it happened and it was scary.

It's a scary thought that someone can invade your privacy like that so easily.

If you have an Apple product yourself and you come into contact with an AirTag it will let you know.  Then you'll have to do like Kristen did call the police and try to hunt it down.

What happens if you located an AirTag on your car?

Apple provides a great explanation of what happens when you get an AirTag alert. 

These are great tips, but what if you know that this particular AirTag shouldn't be near you or in your car?

According to Sgt. Carla Burr with the Amarillo Police Department, If it does happen to someone, they need to call the police immediately. This could be someone stalking them and that is very dangerous. If they are at home, they should lock all their doors and stay on the phone with the dispatcher until the police arrive, just in case there is someone nearby. If they are in a public place, they should stay there, stay visible and stay on the phone with the police dispatcher until officers arrive.

Sgt. Burr did say that the APD had two reported cases with this type of tracking device, but the cases did not originate in Amarillo and were turned over to those perspective cities where the offense occurred.

Potter County Sheriff's CID also said that there are aware of two cases that have happened in the area as well.

Although it isn't a large number of cases, they are still real and it is still happening and with technology like this, this type of crime will continue to grow.

Always be aware of your surroundings, and always be alert walking to and from your vehicle.  You never know who is lurking about you and who might be following you.

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