The war on crime and drugs is going down in Amarillo.

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Earlier we shared information about a collaboration with APD and DPS to stop gang-related violence in Amarillo.  Now the APD and Randall County Sheriffs make a huge drug bust in Randall County.

On Monday, July 17th, the Amarillo Police Task Force along with Randall County Sheriff's deputies, executed a search warrant at a home located in the 1000 block of Mimosa Lane.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Upon serving the warrant police found an adult male and female in the home, as well as 5 children ranging in age from 5  to 13 years old.  All were detained during the execution of the search warrant

During the search of the home, the following drugs were found

  • 3,420 gross grams of THC edibles and wax
  • 145 gross grams of powdered cocaine
  • 10 grams of Ecstasy
  • 20 grams of prescription pills
  • 55 grams of high-grade marijuana
  • 5 firearms

Julian Hernandez Medina, a 36-year-old male was booked into the Potter County Detention Center for Manufacture/Delivery of a controlled substance, penalty group 1- 4<200 grams, Possession of controlled substance penalty group 3- 4<200 grams, and endangering a child. The adult female was released pending lab results.

The case is still being investigated.

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