If you have ever traveled 287 going to Dallas, then you have driven through Claude, Texas.  It's one of those small towns you blink and you miss it.  However, deep in the heart of Claude are citizens who love their small town.

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It's a quaint little town, filled with amazing people and a rich history.  A grand history of the Texas Plains surrounding a man named Charles Goodnight.

Shenee Bischel, a proud resident from Claude found herself on a mission.   After seeing the Hoodoo Mural Festival here in Amarillo, and the array of different people it attracted, she wanted something like that for her favorite city.

Shenee thought it would be a great thing if they could bring an amazing mural to Claude, so she spoke with the City of Claude, the EDC and other, and this is how the Claude Mural came to life.

Some of the worries brought forth at the idea was they didn't want a graffiti look in the city.  However, once the work started, the idea of graffiti isn't even a thought anymore.

Sarah Clark/TSM
Sarah Clark/TSM

Shenee reached out to a local Amarillo artist by the name of Malcom Byers. She described him as kind, humble, and a perfect fit for this project. Shenee had an idea for what she wanted in a mural, and the idea was that of a buffalo.

Why the buffalo?

The buffalo represents the history of Armstrong County and a way to honor Charles Goodnight.

The buffalo did roam that area back in the day.

The mural is still a work in progress and should be finished by the end of April. She said that the locals drive by every day and get more and more excited about the progress of the mural.

Shenee says that she hopes that the excitement will spread and  other businesses will join in on the idea of more than one mural in Claude.

In fact, they do have someone interested in funding other murals in town.

Sarah Clark/TSM

The hope is that this will draw more people in to Claude as they are driving through.  They make is a stop on their trip to enjoy the mural (and hopefully future murals), then stay and have lunch, or stop by for a coffee, and shop in the small boutiques like Farm Girl Frosting or The Burrow (which is coffee, lunch and shopping).  Plus, Claude has some cute Airbnb including the Loft and The Burrow has a cute Airbnb in the back of their shop.

It's a wonderful way to share the city with the people who live there, and they people who drive through.

The mural is located on the westside of the Old Town Co building off the main square of Claude.

Sarah Clark/TSM
Sarah Clark/TSM

Shenee said that a lot of people were involved to make this mural happen including the City of Claude, the EDC, Keith Service Center and The Burrow.

If it's been awhile since you've visited Claude, you should plan a road trip to see the mural, grab some lunch and do some shopping.  Oh and take a trip down 207, the view are gorgeous.

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