Are you looking for the best places to pick up chicks in Amarillo?  It may be tough trying to find the best, the cutest and even the off the wall chicks, but we've got you covered.

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It's that time of year for chicks in Amarillo.  It's chicken season and several places in Amarillo sells those cheep, cheep, cheeps, cheap, cheap, cheap.

A lot of yellow chicks or baby chicken on the farm for growing chicken.

Let's face it, egg prices are high and the way to combat that is to have your own chickens that lay your own eggs.

Where in Amarillo can you find the best chicks?

Rancher's Supply

They have an entire chick list and when the chicks will be available.

  • February 15th - Easter Egger Pullets, Rhode Island Red Pullets, Blue Australorp Pullets, Assorted Wyandottes Pullets
  • February 22nd - Silkies Straight Run
  • February 23rd - Barred Rack Pullets, Buff Orphington Pullets, Lavender Orphington Pullets
  • February 29th - Crested and Polic Straight Run Bantams, Hatcher Choice Straight Run.
  • March 2nd - Production Blue Pullets
  • March 9th - Olive Egger Pullets, Black and Blue Jersey Giant Pullets, Turken Pullets
  • March 15th - Silkies Straight Run
  • March 16th - Easter Egger Pullets, Black Australorp Pullets
  • March 22nd - Turkeys Straight Run
  • March 23rd - Production Red Pullets, Speckled Sussex Pullets

Robinson's Family Feed Store

Robinson's had their first round of baby chicks on February 9th that included the Black Australorp, Rhode Island Red, Production Red, All pullets.  Currently sold out

February 14th - Barred Rock Layer Chicks and All Pullets

If sold out they will try to bring in more as quickly as possible.


The chicks are expected in the Gebo's stores in Amarillo and around the Texas Panhandle the week of February 20th. If you would like to special order you can find out more here.

Tractor Supply

Chick Days will start on February 20th!   However, some chick delivery may be delayed

HF&C Feeds

They won't be carrying live chicks in their store this year, but they have some great tips on preparing for your new baby chicks.

What are you waiting for, go get your chickens and have your own eggs laid!

Oh, and if you were looking for a different type of chick, well then use Tinder, POF, Bumble, etc.

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