Coffee is the one thing you can never get enough of, and Amarillo has a lot of great places to get coffee.

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One of those places just happens to be a locally owned shop called Cliffside Coffee.

Cliffside Coffee was founded in Amarillo by Jpaul and Mackenzie Dodson.  The original location was located in the Chase Tower in downtown Amarillo.  The first stand-alone location was located at 45th and Teckla, it was the first drive-through coffee shop in Amarillo. Not long after the success of the 45th and Teckla location they opened another on 26th and Osage.  They eventually left the building on Teckla and built a brand new location at 34th and Western at The Shops at Western.

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The staff at any Cliffside Coffee is always so nice and very polite..  After a few trips, they know you by your name and drink order.  It's that kind of service that makes your coffee ordering a great experience.

However, changes have come to Cliffside Coffee.

They have new owners.

Jpaul and Mackenzie have turned the reigns of Cliffside Coffee to a pair of amazing women.  CIiffside Coffee is now a woman-owned business.

Andi Morgan and Alex Duck are taking over those reigns at Cliffside Coffee.  The exceptional coffee experience you have gotten from Cliffside Coffee over the years will remain and grow.  Especially with the new ideas coming from the new owners.

Next time you are out and about and craving coffee, stop by and congratulate the new owners of Cliffside Coffee.

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