There's a popular game that is so smart and unique that it's hard not to be amazed by it. The internet game is Akinator, the Web Genius, a game similar to 20 Questions where a cartoon genie tries to guess the name of a character the player is thinking of, being right most of the time.

The game was created by french programmers back in 2007, becoming  popular a year later after its release. The game, while very smart, is very simple to play. The game starts with the player, after thinking of a character, just answering simple no, yes, probably, probably not or I don't know to questions from the genie. After he asks 20 or less questions, he will guess who it is.

It's very entertaining, with the genie having a surprising range of character choices from numerous movies, TV shows and books. If he guesses the character wrong character for the third time, he will add the character to its database. Due to this it's nearly impossible for him not to be right.

If interested in playing the game it is available online and on mobile devices like phones on the App Store and Google Play. If looking for a fun and entertaining game that will never stop, this one is defiantly worth taking a look at.