You can only be spoiled for so long I suppose.

And as Sod Poodle fans listening to the games on the radio, we've certainly been just that...spoiled.

Our beloved radio announcer, Sam Levitt is headed to "The Show".

After three seasons as the inaugural play-by-play extraordinaire, he's headed to sunny San Diego to join the Padres Radio Network as the pregame and postgame host.

As someone who initially got into radio to do baseball play-by-play, I can tell you that this exact call is the one any sports broadcaster hopes for. A chance to work with a professional team is like a Soddie getting the call to wear that Diamondbacks uniform.

Levitt reflected on his time in Amarillo fondly stating, “I’m so incredibly grateful to have spent three wonderful summers in Amarillo, My time with the Sod Poodles has been the most fulfilling experience of my career and I have built so many special relationships with our amazing fans. I’ve been blessed with so much support and the community embraced me with open arms and welcomed me as part of their summer family. The Texas Panhandle will always hold a special place in my heart.”

As Levitt heads off to San Diego, it opens up the door for the next star to step in the booth. With the season right around the corner, the Sod Poodles have started a nationwide search for their next person to broadcast games on NewsTalk940. If you think you have what it takes, reach out to the Sod Poodles and submit your stuff! You may have to fight me for that booth though.

Josh Jung and the Frisco RoughRiders play in Amarillo at HODGETOWN

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