Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and it seems that we just don't seem to care about that holiday anymore.

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Did we ever?   Valentine's Day is one of those very polarizing holidays.  It seems either you love it or your hate it.  One person says, "it's a holiday created by greeting card and candy companies."  The other is, "it's all about love, love is wonderful."

For those that are single, most dread the day.  For those that are in a relationship, it could go either way.  Either, they go overboard, or they do something sweet like send flowers, dinner, etc.

However, it seems in the world we live in today, people expect their partners to spend less on Valentine's Day this year.   According to a survey done by Wallet Hub,  70 million people expect their significant others to spend less on Valentine's Day this year.  Americans will spend $23.9 billion on Valentine's Day this year. The average person will spend $175.

WHAT?!?  That's a lot of money.  Who are these people?  I wouldn't expect my Valentine to spend $175 on me.  I know I wouldn't spend that much money on Valentine's Day.

So if people are spending less this year, at $175 per person,  what were they spending before?

I understand that this is a nationwide survey, but I want to know, being in the Texas Panhandle,  what do you plan to spend on your sweetheart for Valentine's Day and do you even care about the holiday?

Heck, I would be happy if mine would just grill me a steak.  He does so much for me as is, I would be happy with a grilled meal and a maybe card or a sweet note for Valentine's Day.

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