Rewind just back to early March when Amarillo received the gut wrenching news. We were losing a beloved sports team.

The news came out that the Amarillo Bulls were moving to Iowa. Iowa! Now the Amarillo Bulls have some die hard loyal fans so the news was not particularly good.

Even days after the announcement there was some rumbling that hey even if they are leaving there is some hope to not lose hockey all together here.

The Bulls are currently in the playoffs and playing for the Robertson Cup and we certainly want them to leave with a huge victory. We are so cheering them on.

We are also cheering on the news that came out on Friday. Amarillo is not losing hockey. We are not losing NAHL hockey either. This is great news for the city and the fans.

This is the first I read about the news on Thursday:

The NAHL board of governors have officially voted for and approved the sale and relocation of the Kansas City Scouts (formerly the Topeka Roadrunners) to Amarillo for this upcoming 2021-2022 season!

New team name, owners, staff, etc, to be announced soon. Maybe tomorrow or early next week.

Oh and on Friday it all hit. The team names is the Amarillo Wranglers.

The thing that is exciting to me is that the name Austin Sutter was mentioned as being the President of the team. Austin is a very familiar name to Amarillo Bulls fans. So this is only great news for our city.

The games will still be played at the Amarillo Civic Center during the 2021 - 2022 hockey season. We are looking to have a great season and we can’t wait to start buying all our Amarillo Wrangler gear and cheering them on.


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