If you've been outside today, you already know it's not exactly chamber of commerce 75 and Sunny. In fact, popping outside for a moment I was treated to this:

the lot

Yep, A little chilly, drizzly and foggy outside. perhaps my revenge for writing about Amarillo's two seasons, which I will defend whatever hill I need to on that....but that's not what's important here. All of this is a sign that this weekend is about to head south.

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The National Weather Service forecasted some pretty significant weather for us here in the Panhandle as all the right ingredients are coming together. You really need just a few key ingredients: moisture (while there isn't a lot at the surface the winds have been bringing that in from the Gulf), heat (let's face it it's been warm the past few days and instability which is coming from a low pressure system that is sitting over Nevada and slowly creeping to the East), and when you put them together... well you get storms.

Because that system is moving slow as whole, there is more time for these storms to get their one-two punch going and add some spin to any of these.. and well... no, lets not think about that. (cough tornadoes cough)

Supercell thunderstorm in USA's Tornado Alley
Graham Moore

So what can you do? Well, it's all back to basics here. Make sure you have what you need and do what you can to stay home. If you don't need to go out... don't. And that goes the other way too, If you don't need that delivery in a hurry... keep someone else safe too.

Make sure you have loose items on your patio or deck taken care of and that trampoline looks good in your yard, I bet... tie it down or make sure it's secured so it don't look bad crashed into your neighbors.

Keep a fresh set of batteries and fuel for anything you might need and know your evacuation plan should you need it.

Don't forget if it really gets harry out there... we're always gonna let you know with an alert.

Stay Safe and Stay Dry!

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