This year has been challenging for a lot of our non-profits here in Amarillo. The donations have gone down of course. There have been a lot of cancelled events which usually brought them in money and donations too. After already taking this hit it is never good to hear news like this.

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So then when one of the agencies we have been relying on a lot during covid has to close it takes a hit. The High Plains Food Bank was counted on a lot this year with a lot of people really needing help now more than ever with food.

They made this announcement via Facebook yesterday:

Under the recommendation of the Amarillo Public Health Department, High Plains Food Bank will temporarily close beginning Tuesday, October 20 after three employees tested positive for Covid-19 on Monday. We will work closely with our local health department to assess the situation, implement any necessary adjustments, and reopen to full operations as soon as safely possible.

For privacy, we are unable to share details about the individual cases. However, we will promptly share any important updates as they become available.

Thank you for your patience and support as we navigate these challenges together.

So definitely not the news we wanted to hear but is good that they are taking the precautions for all that rely heavily on them during this time. So here is to a speedy recovery for all that are in this situation. Let's hope that they open back up soon and they can help everyone in need.

Also we need to remember them as the holiday's are approaching. Hopefully their Food Drive will be able to happen in December so we can help replenish the food.

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