Are you a slacker? I mean face it could you actually be one? In the year 2020 I can honestly say there may be nothing better. This year has been one for the books and if slacking is all you have left I would say that is OK. It will even be encouraged.

I do like to consider myself active. Oh and even healthy. I have always wanted to run a 5K. Oh OK I did when I was way younger. I wanted to be that person who ran 5K's, 10K's, Half Marathons and even Full Marathons. Those were my dream but work was in the way. I was OK with that because really that seemed very ambitious. So I found a way I could help out a great non profit and still be a slacker. Here me out. This is not an event where you attend virtually. I have nothing against those. Here is one you can attend and still be a slacker.

It's not that opportunity to just donate and sleep in.....I do support those too. How about reaping all the benefits and still feeling like you helped out. Here is where this fun event to support Martha's Home steps in.

It's the easiest 'race' you'll ever do! A course for anyone and everyone that just wants to show up.
Here at Martha's Home, we celebrate perseverance, hard work, and taking the steps to becoming a self-sufficient member of our community. But for this day, and this day only, we will celebrate the slackers. If you've ever wanted to do a 5k, without actually running, or think a half marathon should include some type of sugary incentive, then this 'race' is for you!
All you low aiming achievers will love a .5K (emphasis on the POINT) that includes cold beverage stations, carb-l oading check points with donuts,pizza, and other treats. And of course, you'll be awarded the 'proof' you participated in the form of selfies and swag. Plus much more fun to be had in the party zone. Whether you run, walk or crawl across the finish line, you're all winners to us!
So here is how you can show up and reap all the fun-tastic rewards and also slack. This is coming up on Saturday. Do not slack (on registering) and have a great time fitting in and helping out Martha's Home.
This will be a fun time. Seriously! Get signed up HERE!

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