When we think back to high school a lot of things come to mind. We probably think about the pep rally's, the football games, the tests, the homework, the graduation and the prom. Some of the things we remember with fondness. Some we just dreaded having to do.

How was your prom. Was it a magical night? Was it something you dreamt about for years? Do you look back at your photos with fondness? Or with dread? What were you thinking with that hair? Who did you even go to prom with? Are you still even friends? Maybe you married your high school sweetheart and prom was where it all began.

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Regardless of your story you can make that night a reality again. This is a pretty cool opportunity if you maybe went with the wrong person or just want to relive the magic. Martha's Home is hosting their Second Chance Prom. The theme this year is Masquerade Ball. So you can have a nice of dressing up and dancing the night away.

The Second Chance Prom is fast approaching on October 23rd from 7pm - 11pm out at the Embassy Suites in Downtown Amarillo. Tickets are $45 a person or $85 for a couple. You can get those tickets HERE.

credit: Martha's Home
credit: Martha's Home

The money raised goes to help out Martha's Home. They do a lot for our community. Their mission is to provide homeless women and their children with shelter & support while guiding them towards a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. Martha's home helps with training and helps these moms get back on their feet and on their way to getting a job so they can support their kids. It's a great program and you can help just by reliving your prom here in Amarillo.

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