Texas is known for having crazy laws, but I feel like this is a little crazy.

Growing up your birthday is the best day of the year. Even better than Christmas... because let's be real. On Christmas, everyone is getting gifts. But on your birthday it is all about you. Your friends, your cake, your gifts, its all about you! Just for living another year. It is great. As an adult, I still love my birthday!

However, If you live in Borger Texas you may be breaking the law at your birthday party and not even know it. Especially if there is confetti involved.

In the Borger City Limits, it is illegal to throw any sort of rubber balls or confetti in the air... yep. It is ILLEGAL to throw confetti! Could you imagine cops swarming your child's birthday confiscating your confetti?

But also, if throwing a rubber ball in the air is illegal, does that mean basketball is illegal in Borger too?


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