There's something about seeing the Texas Panhandle on TV.   We have a lot of great things in the area to be proud of and when people visit and share, it brings more tourism to the area.

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The Daytripper recently visited the Texas Panhandle

There is a show that runs on PBS called The Daytripper, Chet Garner travels all over Texas showing off some of the most amazing people and places in Texas.

Not only is Chet the face of The Daytripper, but he's also the creator, executive producer,  and writer.

Chet made his way back to the Texas Panhandle

Chet made a stop in Canadian, Texas and of course, had to show off the famous Canadian River Bridge.  He also visited several spots around Canadian.

Of course, he had to enjoy the bridge in his Chet Style.

Borger, Texas

The Daytripper visited Onions Cafe in Borger as well.   Onions' is a great place to get a good burger and some down-home cooking.  They are located at 502 N. Main St.

City of Borger
City of Borger

A  trip to the Texas Panhandle wouldn't be complete without a trip to The Big Texan and an attempt to eat that 72oz steak. Check out a teaser of the show here.

Make sure you mark your calendar or schedule your DVR to record The Daytripper so you can see how much fun they had visiting the Texas Panhandle.  Look for the show on Panhandle PBS, Sundays 4:30 pm.

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