It's been a while since we have had to warn you about a scam in Amarillo. Obviously, we have to always be aware. The scams can come from anywhere these days. We have to watch out for scam calls.

We have to watch out for scams via text messages. We have to be aware when we get an email with a link. Never click on a link that you don't know where it came from. Sometimes you get an email from someone you think you do.

Only they didn't actually send it. It is so exhausting all the way people try to scam us these days. The latest warning is from Randall County Sherriff's Office. They want us to be aware that they are not calling people from the Warrant Division.

They are not warning you that you did not show up to jury duty and now they are looking for you. They are not looking for you to pay a fine. This is the scammer trying to get your money.

Randall County is reminding you that they will never call you about a jury summons. They will never call you to try to collect money.

What is the Best Way to Handle a Call Like This?

If you do find yourself on the receiving end of a phone call like this simply hang up. Once you do that go ahead and block that number. Problem solved. If you ever have a question about a call you think is suspicious hang-up. Then you can also call the department directly and ask them about it.

Randall County Sherriff's Office
Randall County Sherriff's Office

They will let you know it's a scam and then warn us all about the latest ploy to take our money.

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