Amarillo is well known for a lot of things, good things, and we are known for a few things we would like to forget.

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Like that one Ghost Adventures episode. After the episode ran, most of the citizens of Amarillo wanted to crawl into a hole and hide.   Amarillo is filled with so many paranormal occurrences, why did they choose that particular woman and family to feature on an episode.   The episode was called Panic in Amarillo, Season 21 Episode 10.  The episode is available here.

The premise of the episode was Janella Prather and her 3-year-old daughter was being attacked by an evil entity.  The entity was supposedly leaving scratches all over their bodies.

For those in Amarillo that watched the show, it seemed purely made up by the mother.

The reviews on the IMDB section of the episode are crazy.

Disturbing but for all the wrong reasons

Clean your house if you are going on tv.

Another weird family hoax and a waste of time

Attention seekers

Reddit users also had some opinions

by u/SlR_Vivalist101 from discussion can we talk about the episode Panic in Amarillo?
in GhostAdventures

by u/TheLonelyGoomba from discussion Panic In Amarillo - I solved the mystery
in GhostAdventures

Now fast forward to 2023 and Janella Prather has gotten herself in some hot water.

Panic in Amarillo should now be Panic in Lubbock

Janella Prather was recently arrested by the Lubbock Police Department.  She was arrested on charges of Robbery.


However, this isn't the first time Prather has been in trouble with the law.  She was arrested by the Randall County Sheriffs in January 2018 for Theft of Property and arrested by the Amarillo Police Department in February 2023 for Theft by Check.

Of course, it's possible the evil entity that was terrorizing her and her family is still attached to her, but unfortunately, this seems to be the result of her just breaking the law.

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