It doesn't take much to persuade me to get some good fried chicken...but if it is for a good cause I am differently in!

Chicken Express in Canyon is having a benefit day for the Amarillo Angels. The Amarillo Angels are a non-profit organization that is committed to help change the way children and families experience the foster care system in our area.

There is over 1,000 children in foster care in the Texas, Panhandle alone. Through their "LoveBox" programs, words of encouragement, and by simply coming along side foster families and doing life with them the Amarillo Angels is making a huge difference in our community.

On February 26th, mark your calender's to bring your friends and the whole family to eat some delicious chicken and 10% of your purchase will be donated straight to the Amarillo Angels!

Learn more about the event Here, and the Amarillo Angels on Facebook.

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