Oh, the stories that come out of Amarillo are quite interesting. During the summer, several fitness clubs open up their outdoor pools and offer family memberships. This provides a place for people to swim, lounge, and enjoy the summer.

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An incident occurred recently at a local fitness club. A man was asked to leave the pool and became angry. There is a lot of speculation about what happened with this man, but at the time of publishing, we did not have any legitimate information, so we cannot say what happened or even who the man is in the video. The situation escalated from an upset man being escorted out to that same man antagonizing another man, leading to a few punches and ultimately the man being body-slammed to the ground. Truthfully, it's insane.

Keep in mind there is NSFW language in the video, and at the time of publishing we did not know the name of this man or even if he is a doctor as noted in the video title:

Amarillo Doctor taking pictures of underage girls gets kicked out then Ko’d.
byu/According-Mango-8473 inamarillo

A fitness club and a pool are places to go and relax and let off a little steam. The steam let off in this video is not the relaxing steam. These families should have been able to enjoy their time at the pool in peace, instead, they witnessed a loud profanity-filled argument, that ended in some WWE or MMA-style drops. Families should feel safe inside a place where they pay for membership, but this incident left many feeling less than safe.

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