If you're like me, you are on a tight budget.  Being on a tight budget means no money for events or activities.  If this is you as well, I have great news about an affordable event that won't empty out your wallet.

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Discover for $1 is back and it's a bit different this time.   The Discovery Center and Wildcat Bluff Nature Center have teamed up and coming up, you and your family can enjoy the Wildcat Bluff Nature Center for just $1.

Join the Wildcat Bluff Nature Center on Saturday, May 28th.  Admission for Wildcat Bluff will be $1 per person all day long.  This is a chance to head out to this wonderful facility with the family.

Wildcat Bluff Nature Center has over 5 miles of trails that you can explore.  Dig in the dig pit while learning about the history of the Panhandle.

This is one of those places where you can spend hours and still not experience everything.

Plus, you can even bring your dogs, just make sure they remain on a leash and please pick up after them.

Don't miss this opportunity to plan a day with the kids to learn, explore, hike, and have a fun day outside while enjoying this piece of Amarillo.

I have been out to Wildcat Bluff several times to explore the trails.  It's been a while since my family and I have gotten out to explore so I'm looking forward to this weekend so we can save some money and enjoy the beautiful trails.

I hope you and your family can go out and enjoy this as well.  We are all experiencing the crush of finances and I love that the Discovery Center and Wildcat Bluff Nature Center offer these $1 days.

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