If you loved stopping by and grabbing a breakfast burrito on your way to work there is one less place in Amarillo. Over the weekend Oscars made the announcement that they were closing.

Oh how I loved their jalapeno tortillas. Sometimes we would stop there just to get an order of them. They were that good. Oh the burritos were great too. It was sad to see their announcement.

It's So Hard to Say Goodbye

It was even sadder that I saw the statement too late and didn't get to go just one more time on Saturday.

This was shared late on Friday night to the Amarillo Restaurant Review page:

Well tomorrow is gonna be a sad day…. After many years of the restaurant business my family has officially decided to close Oscar’s!! Tomorrow will be the last day of operations and we are truly grateful for all the loyal customers and support throughout the years!! My dad has always said “we have the best customers in Amarillo”. This business is what molded me into being the best realtor I can be! On behalf of my family thanks again to everyone and God bless!

I definitely understand Oscar being ready to retire. He has made a good run in Amarillo. Even once he decided to close his sit down restaurant several years ago he kept Amarillo fed. That is when this stand alone place opened. Oh and it still had the same great food.

Just know you will be missed. Your food being gone will leave a hole in our heart. That kind of sadness for a place closing has to speak volumes of our love here in Amarillo.

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