So not that long ago I received a questionnaire from Potter County. I knew once I filled it in and submitted it I was on the clock. I knew it was only a matter of time until I would get that jury summons.

I had a nice break from that during the pandemic otherwise it seemed like it was every six months. I have served on several juries and when I did it always seemed that I was voted the Foreman. I think it is my quiet personality that puts me in that spot. Or my co-jurors think if I can be on the radio I have no problem speaking in front of others. So it was always my role.

I received the summons a couple weeks back and I had my date marked on my calendar. I was ready and waiting for 5pm the evening before to get online or call to see if I needed to be there. Heck I never had to do either. I received a text message a couple of minutes before 5pm telling me the news.

credit: Melissa Bartlett Text messages, TSM

So I let both of my workplaces know I had to show up in the morning. Every potential juror had to fill out a covid questionnaire the day of jury duty. We also had to show our jury summons in order to park in the lot by the courthouse. With all the construction and paid parking on the streets they have to have people watching the parking lot for proof.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

When I got to the jury room and turned in my papers I was told to take a seat. Previously we had seats with desktops for us to sit at. Thanks to covid we now just have a plastic chair to sit in. We had to keep our masks on the whole time as well.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

They weren't the most comfortable chairs but that is ok. We sat and gave our oath and they gave us instructions. We were told if we got on a jury that the trial could last up to two days. They went into the process of picking names. So we had more time to wait.

When they came out they instructed us that if they call our name we are to say "here" and then go up and pick up a juror badge. Guess what I ended up with?

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Then they called out the list of names that got to leave. As they called out the first name we all jokingly booed him. It was funny. I don't think anyone was really upset about being there anyway. Then it was time to wait some more. Oh and wait some more.

At one point I saw District Attorney Randall Sims walk in the jury room. Now I have no idea if he had anything to do with the case we were waiting on. I just thought that if he did it could be an interesting case. We waited some more. We were told our next step would be to head over to the Old Courthouse Number 1 when they were ready for us.

It never got that far. The last thing we heard was that we were free to go and they thanked us for our service. I guess they ended up settling the case. I really wish I knew what kind of case could have been in my future. All I know is I was able to leave and I am off the hook for another six months.

I also know that I am on the clock for my next summons. It is an interesting process especially if you actually get to serve on the jury.

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