There is nothing cooler than one of your hometown restaurants being featured on a national platform.  That is what happened to an Amarillo business recently.

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America's Best Restaurants made a stop in Amarillo on Monday, January 22nd.  They made a stop to visit one of Amarillo's newest barbeque restaurants.

Nine Line BBQ

They had a visitor stop by on Monday morning!

Nine Line BBQ is located at 5920 Hillside Rd, and one of its claims to fame is its smoked meatloaf.

If you aren't familiar with America's Best Restaurants go all over the country visiting different restaurants.  They are all about helping independent restaurants tell their story.   America's Best Restaurant releases different episodes weekly on their YouTube channel.

Nine Line BBQ is a unique restaurant in Amarillo.  Not unique for the food they serve, except for their smoked meatloaf, that stuff is pretty unique but unique for their story and how they give back to Amarillo.

If you are craving some delicious BBQ then you need to give Nine Line BBQ a try, especially that smoked meatloaf.  If you're not into meatloaf, they have their regular menu including brisket, ribs, sausage, frito pies, smoked mac and cheese oh, and their banana pudding.  You know you're drooling for some good BBQ now.

The Nine Line BBQ episode is expected to be released in the next 4-6 weeks.  

If you haven't made it by Bell and Hillside to try out Nine Line BBQ, you might not want to wait, because once this episode airs, you might have to wait in line to get this delicious BBQ and that smoked meatloaf.

Plus, it's always a good thing to support your locally-owned restaurants.

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