They have sat empty long enough. I'm talking out the old Hastings buildings around Amarillo. Since I am newer to Amarillo, I never had the opportunity to experience a Hastings store, but I know from what everyone has told me, they were great stores. Folks have told me it's hard to drive by the buildings and seem them sitting empty. Good news-- that's about to change!

Construction has been taking place at 2 of the former Hastings buildings. Pictured above, the former Gem Lake location is being reworked into a new strip center that will house up to 7 businesses. No word on any active leases yet, but this is sure to be a hot location with that section of town growing rapidly.

Georgia Former Hastings

Now, what about the former hot spot on Georgia? That old 28,000 square foot Hastings location is about to become one of Amarillo's largest new fitness spots, Crunch Fitness. This place is going to be huge and will offer a lot of amenities that other gyms don't-- tanning, hydro-massage, nutrition training, at home sessions, and more. I know what you're thinking, that sounds expensive. But good news, they are bringing the chain to Amarillo with memberships starting at around $10 a month.

Got a tip about the other 2 Hastings properties (the Distribution Center off of Plains and the old store on 45th), shoot me an email and let me know:

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