Amarillo doesn't exactly hold the "Best Drivers" award.  Driving can become second nature for a lot of people when in fact, driving can be a scary thing.  One mistake when driving can be fatal.

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On Tuesday, January 17, at 9:17 PM the Amarillo Police Department responded to a call on a crash.  The crash was between a semi and an SUV.  The incident took place at Amarillo Blvd East and Folsom Road.

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Google Maps

A Toyota Rav-4 was driving north on Folsom and went to make a turn left onto Amarillo Blvd East.  A White Peterbilt semi was driving east on Amarillo Blvd.  The SUV did not yield the right of way at the stop sign and the semi hit the driver's side of the Toyota.

Linda Rudicell, the 68-year-old female, was driving the SUV and died at the scene due to the injuries she received in the crash.   The driver of the semi was a 38-year-old male and no injuries were reported.

The wreck is still under investigation by the APD Traffic Investigation Unit.

It is important when you are driving especially on a highly trafficked road to check, double-check, and triple-check before you turn.  It's sometimes hard to determine at night just how close and how fast another vehicle is traveling.

This is such a sad tragedy for all of those involved, the family and friends of Linda Rudicell are grieving today, and the 38-year-old unnamed driver of the semi is now dealing with the fact that he was involved in a wreck where a woman was killed.

When in doubt at an intersection like this one, just wait a few extra seconds, it could save your life.

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