Nothing is worse than getting on I-40 here in Amarillo just to see traffic backed up. You know you are going to be waiting forever. Is it an accident? Is it just construction? You are not sure but you do know that it may be four or five exits before the congestion clears up.

That means four or five blocks of you waiting. I know we have no patience here in Amarillo. You can already feel your blood pressure reaching an unsafe level. You have been there and done that. Right?

If you can find an alternate route great. You need to wait until the next exit and hope you can get over and get off.

One Thing That You Should Never Do

You should never think "hey my car can go over that curb and I can make it to the access road." It's tempting. I know. You may even see other cars doing it. It seems a long stream of cars is following their lead.

It is not safe. It is not legal. I just know if my car tried to do it it probably wouldn't make it over the curb anyway. Yes, it's that low to the ground. It can be a fire hazard as well. Driving over the grass like that is just an accident waiting to happen.

Don't be that person. Wait your turn and go the correct way. I mean you can avoid a ticket like that. Plus it's an accident waiting to happen as cars on the access road already on the road now have to wait and see what your inconsiderate self is going to do.

Texas Department of Transportation (Amarillo)
Texas Department of Transportation (Amarillo)

Just don't do it.

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