It's always nice to have things to do, especially in a smaller town.

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However, when people purposely destroy those nice things, it not only affects the business, it affects the entire town.

When it comes to the smaller towns in the Texas Panhandle, it is a really great thing to have a movie theater or a place for entertainment.  It saves residents, the 45 min-hour plus drive into Amarillo.

Why Wouldn't Residents Want to Take Care of Things?

Two words - unruly kids

Not too long ago we posted about the children's area being destroyed at the Topple Turtle Brewing Company. Now, we have a story coming out of Pampa, where the door to a bathroom at Cinema 4  was destroyed.

First of all, where were the parents?  A movie theater is not a babysitter.

Second, what in the heck possesses someone to destroy a door?  It's cool?  Showing off for your friends? Taking out frustration?   None of those are good enough excuses.

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. 

This isn't the first time the door was broken.  This wasn't even the worst of the vandalism at the Cinema 4 Theater.  One time a group of boys ripped the sink out of the wall of the restroom.

Again, why?

On a local Pampa Facebook page, the theater responded to another post about the destruction.  The letter explains the ongoing vandalism of the theater, and why the delay in repairs.

Photo Courtesy of Jetta Grant
Photo Courtesy of Jetta Grant

Parents if you are going to leave your kids or allow your kids to go to the movie theater alone, then make sure they are taught right from wrong.

Kids Will Be Kids

That's not being kids, that's being a criminal.

This can only end in one of two ways,  no one under the age of 18 will be allowed in the theater without a parent, or the movie theater closes due to the continuing costs of unneeded repairs.

If you have any information on who might have done this, please contact Cinema 4.

Stop ruining it for the rest of the town.  Parents control your children.

The Somewhat Small Towns of the Texas Panhandle

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That's right. These are the towns that seem massive when compared to teensy weensie two-stoplight towns like Pringle (30) or Kerrick (25), but they're definitely not on the same level as cities like White Deer or Panhandle....much less Amarillo.

Buckle up! We've got a places to go and towns to see! These populations are well over 100, but way less than 1000.

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