A big change is coming to Commissioners Court in Potter County as precinct 2 commissioner Mercy Murguia is stepping down. She has been serving the post which includes Downtown Amarillo as well as east and northeast areas of Potter County since being elected to the post in 2011. Her last day on the job will be September 8th. The position is expected to be filled for the remainder of her term which ends in 2022 by Potter County Judge Nancy Tanner.

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Potter County
Potter County

Commissioner Murguia was born and raised here in Amarillo and graduated from Caprock High and is an alum of WT where she also received her MBA. One of her two children recently was accepted to school in the Dallas-Fort Worth area prompting the move and stepping down from her current position.

Her Time In Office

Michael J. Rivera, Townsquare Media
Michael J. Rivera, Townsquare Media

Commissioner Murguia certainly left her mark on Potter County while in office which brought attention to many issues not only for East Amarillo neighborhoods but the Hispanic community as well. She is one of the founders of the monthly Breakfast in the Barrio meetings which looks at community needs in the historic section of town. She also had a hand in bringing the city/county neighborhood plan which has brought investment and improvements not only to El Barrio but the San Jacinto and East Ridge neighborhoods and that's just the start. Her official page lists a long list of her accomplishments and accolades

In her own words, Mercy “is incredibly thankful for the trust of her community and the opportunity to represent them in public office for the last decade. She is extremely proud of the progress the community has been able to achieve together.”

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