Amarillo is blessed to have great places to grab a quick breakfast and most of those places are donut shops.  However, can you really have too many places to get donuts?  No! A popular Texas donut chain is making its way into the Yellow City.

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Shipley's Do-Nuts


Shipley's Do-Nuts is expanding into the area.  According to the Austin Business Journal, Shipley's Do-Nuts has signed deals for 61 locations across Texas, with one of those locations being in Amarillo. Other Texas cities slated for new stores include Lubbock, El Paso, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio.

Shipley's Do-Nuts was founded in Houston in 1936 after Lawrence Shipley Sr. created his famous recipe, handmade and cut his donuts and sold them for .05 cents per dozen.  The original bakery was located at 1417 Crockett Street in Houston, Texas

Shipley's has over 60 varieties of donuts, and the glazed is the most popular.  However, they currently have Oreo cookies and cream donuts.    Between the glazed, cake, sprinkled, filled, rolls, and even twists you will find your favorite and then some.  Of course, you'll be able to get a delicious Shipley's coffee to go with your donut.  They also have kolaches and beignets.

The business has now expanded to over 300 stores across multiple states in the Southern US.

Get Ready to Do-Happy!

Expect the new Shipley's Do-Nuts shop to open in Amarillo in 2025.  Opening dates for the new stores haven't been announced yet.

You cannot go wrong with a delicious warm donut.  Shipley's Do-Nuts will be a nice addition to Amarillo.

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