So every time I hear about speed dating, my brain immediately goes to the movie "Hitch" and the scene where Will Smith is desperately trying to get Eva Mendes back.

However, that's not the kind of thing that ACTUALLY happens in speed dating. The pandemic has made dating a bit tougher, and with COVID ramping back up, this could be a perfect alternative.

Tonight and every Friday, Filter Off sets you up on three different 90 second "dates" with people right here in Amarillo. This is the perfect way to meet people if you have a crazy schedule, a little panicked about going out and about right now or just feel more comfortable in your own home.

The process is actually rather simple. You download the Filter Off app to your device, fill out a questionnaire and let them do the rest!

Then every Friday, you'll log on for your "dates". This is where the fun begins.

In a normal speed dating environment, you'll get all sorts of different people. Some could be a perfect match, others will be so far from what you're looking for that you'll be irritated you wasted a couple minutes even talking to that person.

Filter Off takes all that out of the equation for you. They take into account things such as your age, location, height and education preferences. Want someone who is over 6 feet with a college degree? They'll find em for ya.

So hey, why not give something new a shot? I mean what's the worst that happens, you waste 5-6 minutes of your Friday? Get signed up here!

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