So I'll open up and say I still go to a laundromat. The Reason? Simple. The machine here at my apartment is always in some sort of state of broken. I think I've seen the out of order tag on the washer or dryer more than I've seen them actually in use. And when they were working, they required you to have some stupid card that you can only fund when the office which seems to have bankers' hours if it's open at all. So instead of bugging friends or family... to the laundromat I go.

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An Array of washing machines in a 24/7 laundromat

Now the laundromat isn't a bad place. I've developed a love out of necessity for the place. The goal is to get in and get out in one piece and not loose an item. For me I've come out over or under on socks only to find the mate next to the basket missing its turn to get washed, but to this day I haven't lost an item yet. What makes the experience so much fun is the potential for people watching and the laundromat never fails to impress. So far... I've noticed a few types.

The Ringmaster

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This person is among the most amazing person I've ever seen. Not only have they become the master of the machine but they have also found a mastery of the kids they have brought along because they'd burn the place down if they were left at home. When one gets out of line a quick scoop by the ringmaster has them back in place with a task or a phone distraction.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette

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This is the person who is recently single or starting out on their own. This patron comes in with the trashbag, goes to the vending machine to get whatever soap they can find, throw everything into one machine and overload. Give them credit, it's a new experience for better or worse.


You know this person... they are often found outside of the laundromat too... the phone is on speaker or video chat and their business is out for the entire world to see and they want you you to know it too. You need to be fully invested in all that is going on weather you want this in your life or not. Do not make eye contact with this person or you'll become their direct sounding board or worse... they start talking about your business in a way you can't get out of without disclosing your whole life story.

The Territorialist

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Yes I made this word up... The Territorialist is the person who comes in and immediately half the machines are theirs. and you happen to be the one machine in the middle of the six they are carefully orchestrating. like a conductor they feed quarters into each as they move about observing and testing dryness in each machine to determine how quickly they can get another load in. what's worse? when they leave and don't come back bringing the operation to a crawl because moving their stuff results in sudden death. Move quickly before they get to the dryers and you're made in the shade.

The Average Joe

That's where most of us fit in, we just want to get in get out and get on with our lives. While we don't mind the occasional conversation, it's all about getting that work done and getting home. The only frustration? when the change machine is out or when our phones die.

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