I know at some point in our lives we all have an idea of a dream car, but having it stolen is not a dream.

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One of my dream cars would be a classic mustang convertible. It is the dream car for a lot of people. In fact, it was for Bob Lile. He has his beautiful white mustang convertible. Apparently, it was a dream car from someone else as well. However, for Bob, it was his hard-earned money that purchased this beautiful car, and unfortunately, it was stolen.

Some selfish person decided it was going to be their car. So instead of working hard and saving money to have a beautiful mustang convertible, they took the cowardly and selfish approach and just rode off in it.

Bob is now without his dream car all because a very bad person took it.

Bob owns a storefront on Route 66 and it is called Lile Art Gallery.  One of the cool things he does is take paint from the Cadillacs in Cadillac Ranch (with owner permission of course) and turns them into beautiful pieces of jewelry.  The jewelry is called Cadilite Jewelry.

How Route 66 is that?

He also is a wonderful tour guide on Route 66 so it stinks that someone stole his mustang right out of his garage.

Bob is offering $1,000 to someone who helps get his Mustang returned.

I will continue to forever say this, if you didn't buy something and it isn't yours, do not take it.

One more time for the people in the back, IF YOU DIDN'T BUY IT, IT ISN'T YOURS TO TAKE!

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