Memory is a funny thing, a lot of times, someone will say something or you'll hear a song or smell a smell and a memory is triggered.

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In this instance, someone on social media mentioned a place that used to be in Amarillo in the mid to late 90s.  At that moment, all I could hear in my head was a friend of mine, saying the name over and over again in her fun cute voice.  I reached out on my personal social media and asked my friends if they remembered the place.  She answered immediately. Before it was the Bagel Place it was this gem.

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Dante's Espresso and Dessert Bar

Dante's was a cute place that is where The Bagel Place is currently located.  Dantes served up coffee and some amazing desserts.  A co-worker said to me, "do you remember the sandwiches they served?  They were delicious".  The sandwiches she was speaking of were their paninis.

Did I mention the Italian Sodas?

Italian sodas were not a popular thing in Amarillo at the time.  However, Dante's introduced a whole generation to Italian Soda.  This is the one thing I do remember about Dantes.

Italian Soda is an iced drink made from carbonated water mixed with flavored syrup and cream is sometimes added to the drink.

This was a perfect place to go hang out and chill with friends or perfect for a date night.  They would also have live music.

It was one of those places that reminded you of Central Perk on Friends.

I had completely forgotten about Dante's, but it was the mention of the name that caused my brain to pull the memory.   For some reason, I remember the place having a lot of purples.  I could be wrong because memory is a funny thing.

Dante's was the beginning of the coffee shop surge in the Texas Panhandle.  Roaster's had already opened up but this was also a cool coffee place to hang out with friends.

Do you remember Dante's?

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